C2 RIBS- Specialist Ashes Scattering at Sea, Burials at Sea for The Solent,
The Isle of Wight and South Coast.

C2RIBs Ashes Scattering, Burials at Sea

Many people, either for reasons of their faith or from past association with the sea, wish to have their ashes scattered at sea.

C2Ribs in partnership with Mamarine can take you, your friends or loved ones (upto 18) out from the Marina, where we can berth and set the yacht to rest. From the rear of the Yacht you can pour the ashes into the sea and put in any floral tributes, buoquets or other memorable items.

When you are ready, we go back to the Marina. If you bring any music with you, we can play this over the sound system as and when you want.

In view of such risks, there are very few places around the coast where sea burials are permitted. Indeed, the licensing authority normally recommends that, rather than burial of the body at sea, consideration should be given to the scattering at sea of cremation ashes. This alternative does not require a licence issued under the Food and Environment Protection Act 1985.

Burials at sea. Our work colleagues Burials at sea can offer a calm, respectful and dignified service for your loved ones.

Ashes at Sea scattering can be organised from our local ports aboard our boats or in conjunction with our PCA partners Charters Association

Do you need a work boat in support of your business? C2 RIBs operate MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) coded RIBs from their base in The River Hamble Southampton.

The RIBs are also work boat coded under MCA regulations, so we can operate services for you supplying a safety boat for your event, a RIB to carry out survey work, or a boat for photographic, filming, or photographic work

The boats meets the requirements of the MCA The Workboat Code (June 2014) which covers all the common types of on-board safety equipment.

This Technical Standard can, from 1 June 2014, be used for new workboats as an equivalent construction standard to the requirements of "The Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats - A Code of Practice", published by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in 1998